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How Are We Different?


Are you confused about the best way to travel the East Coast of Australia?  There are lots of options at a variety of prices so it can be confusing! Here’s a breakdown of Stray versus travelling on public express buses or on an all-inclusive tour.


We're Flexible

You’re in charge of your experience. Hop-on and off your chosen route whenever you like, for as long as you like. Ultimate flexibility and fun – it really couldn’t be easier.


We're Supportive 

We’re with you every step of the way if you need us, both on call and through our guides. The East Coast is an amazing place and we want to make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime.


We're Different

We take you to places that you would never otherwise see. Tick off your bucket list destinations up the East Coast as well as our special, unique spots along the way.

Stray vs. An Express Bus

  •  Guidance from your Stray guide and Stray's App
  •  Get off the beaten track
  •  It’s social
  •  Unique adventure activities and experiences
  •  Mixture of Stray's own buses, trains and local transport

off road2

  • A route that connects the best activities and attractions on and off the beaten track – using our own bus between Sydney and Noosa/Cooroy and a rail pass (travel on comfortable fast trains with toilets/showers/dining carriage) with local transfers between Noosa and Cairns.

  • Amazing, unique, authentic trip content that includes visiting national parks, wildlife spotting, canoeing down a remote river

  • Guidance from a local – to give you the inside information, learn about the places you’re visiting and help ensure that you get the most out of your journey.


  • We stop to do things along the way – swimming holes, wine tasting, koala hospital, walks so you’re not sitting on a long bus ride with no interaction or time to stretch your legs.

  • We don’t have WIFI on our buses.  We believe the point of travelling halfway round the world is to actually see and experience a new country – not spend half your time on your mobile (plus WIFI actually doesn’t work very well in remote places of Australia).

  • Pick ups and drop offs for all featured accommodation, activities and attractions – and at other places by arrangement

How Is Stray Different

  • It’s social and fun – travel with a small group of like-minded other travellers and your fun and enthusiastic Stray guide, connect online (via the Stray travellers Facebook group) and offline while you’re travelling.
  • Guaranteed accommodation in the set overnight stops even in peak season.

  • Your pass is valid for 12 months.

  • A unique mobile app, which gives you the ability to book, rate and review activities and accommodation



Stray vs. A Fixed Itinerary Tour Bus


  • Great value
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Guidance from local guide and Stray's app
  • Unique adventure activities and experiences
  • Mixture of Stray's own buses, trains and local transport.


How Stray is Different
  • You get flexibility and freedom to hop off and stay longer at any place.
  • It’s great value as while some activities are included, at most locations (except for 2 of Stray's 4 special stops) you get to choose your level of accommodation, what you eat and which activities you do.
  • Amazing, unique, authentic trip content that includes visiting national parks, canoeing, wildlife spotting…
  • Your pass is valid for 12 months so you can stop and play or even work for awhile along the way.
  • A unique app, which gives you the ability to plan your adventure, book your transport, activities and accommodation.
  • Save money as you get deals on accommodation and activities.