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Are you a published travel writer, blogger or professional photographer and travelling to Australia? We may be able to offer discounted travel on our hop-on hop-off travel passes in return for your talents and services.



First up, you must have your own blog, which should sit on its own domain, e.g. Alternatively, if you are a contributor to a travel blog, we also would love to hear from you. Please send us links to your blog or most recently published articles so we can assess the quality and style of your writing.

We will assess your blog for factors such as the quality of writing, engagement on social media, and its web ranking according to Google. That sounds scarier than it actually is! It will allow us to calculate a proposed discount off your travel pass and we'll send this in a proposal document via email.

We won't tell you what to write as we want your blog to be genuine, but we will ask that you include photos and provide a link to our website.


You should be a professional or experienced photographer, with your own camera. Please send us your portfolio, which should consist of at least 30 photos.

We may offer you a refund dependent on whether we wish to use any of your photographs, e.g. "X"% for 10 photos, "2X"% for 20.

Whilst we won't tell you exactly what you should photograph, we will provide some guidelines covering what type of photos we are looking for.


If you have a large following on Instagram or another platform, we also want to hear from you! Tell us your handle/username and we'll check you out.


Our hop-on hop-off travel passes include your transport and guide. Any discount we provide in exchange for blogging/photography will therefore not include accommodation or activities.