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Freestyle Tours

If you're looking for a fun and flexible way to travel the East Coast of Australia, meet great people, be shown extraordinary places and have flexibility over your travel plans, then Stray's the way! 


Stray’s hop-on hop-off travel network spans from Sydney to Cairns and touches all the most important parts in between. Your trip will be led by our legendary guides who will take you to all the iconic Aussie spots on the coast as well as our unique, hidden spots that are guaranteed to make your trip one you’ll never forget.

Our Freestyle Tours are the best of both worlds. There are more inclusions to make planning your trip even easier than before, combined with the same flexibility to hop off anywhere along our route. Spend more time in the places you love most and travel on your own terms.

Freestyle Tours:

  • Come with the benefits of travelling with a group and a guide, but give you the flexibility to do what you want, when you want! 
  • Are valid for 12 months of travel.
  • Take you to unique, off the beaten track places that you might not find on your own. 
  • Are easy and hassle-free. 
  • Are guided by our local legends.
  • Include your first night’s accommodation at each spot (2 or 3 nights in certain locations), some meals, a bunch of our favourite activities as well as all our unique Strademark places. You’ll still have the option to extend your stay in the places you enjoy most and can book additional activities and accommodation along the way. Your guide can help make suggestions and point you in the right direction and our Stray Mate app makes it easier than ever to book everything along the way. 

Use the filter to choose a your starting point, add a time frame, then compare passes by switching the toggle to 'show maps'. 


Sydney - Cairns Mick Tour



mick freestyle tour thumb
Mick thumbnail aus 2019 20

Sydney - Brisbane Greg Tour



greg tour thumb
Greg thumbnail aus 2019 20

Byron Bay - Cairns Kat Tour

STARTS:Byron Bay


kat freestyle tour thumb 2
Kat thumbnail aus 2019 20

Brisbane - Cairns Stu Tour



stu freestyle tour thumb
Stu thumbnail aus 2019 20

Cairns - Sydney Trev Tour



Trev Freestyle Tour Thumb Tully
Trev thumbnail aus 2019 20

Cairns - Brisbane Cam Tour



Cam freestyle tour thumb 2
Cam thumbnail aus 2019 20