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Loka to Stray

Hey Guys! We've got some big news to share with you...


We are happy to announce the launch of Stray Australia, the newest addition to the Stray adventure travel network. While Stray Australia's name may be new, our operations in Australia are not! Longtime partner Loka has joined forces with Stray and has re-branded to Stray Australia. With the introduction of Stray Australia to the network, Stray will represent the largest flexible adventure travel network in Asia Pacific, with operations across New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Plans to launch Stray Australia have been in the making for a while now, here's a little peek into our history and how we got here...

In 2014, Loka opened its doors in Australia, offering the best hop-on, hop-off adventure tours up and down the East Coast between Sydney and Cairns. Over the next few years, we went on to cultivate a thriving and passionate travel collective that was stoked on building authentic, local experiences with the flexibility to plan your trip according to you. Fast forward 3 years, in August 2017, Stray recognised an opportunity to expand into the Australian market and invested in Loka.  With open arms, we embraced the new partnership which created opportunities to scale up our operations by leveraging Stray's resources and established relationships.

While we may have a new name, we will still offer the same legendary products and service. It is still our mission to deliver the best off-the-beaten-track experiences to the world and our goal still remains to focus on local, sustainable operations so that we can give back to the community and show our customers the real Australia. We are excited to see what this new chapter will bring for us as a company and you as our customers and we're stoked to have you all along for the ride.

Be sure to stay tuned on what's to come. This new partnership is just the beginning for us. While Loka's original hop-on hop-off adventure travel network will be our primary focus under the new brand, we also have plans to launch new products to offer even more flexible travel options.


Note: If you are an existing Loka customer, don't worry, your passes and planned trips are all still valid. You should have received an email from us outlining the above changes but if you have any queries, feel free to shoot us an email.  Apart from the name, look out for some hot, new buses, there's going to be a lot more orange on the East Coast.