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Nine Things All Backpackers Think While Travelling Australia

“Everything is out to kill me.”

Thanks to Australia being famous for having many of the world’s most venomous spiders and snakes, travellers are frequently worried about the creepy crawlies (not to mention sharks).

Ask any local and they’ll tell you you’re much more likely to die from drinking too much goon than at the hands of our animals and insects.

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“Thank gosh for goon.”

While on the topic of goon, it really does help extend your travels. While it might not be the tastiest drink you’ve ever had, it’s definitely more affordable than cocktails, meaning you can travel longer without having to forgo your nights at Cheeky Monkeys and Gilligans.



“How do I get fluoro paint out of my clothes after Friday at Cheeky Monkeys?”

Ah the famous Cheeky Monkeys. Every backpacker has danced on a table top here to some cheesy tunes, and many have wondered how the hell to get fluoro paint out of their clothes after the famous Friday party night.

 fluoro friday


“I really don’t understand Australian slang” 

From shortening every word and adding –ie, -o or –a, Australians speak a very interesting version of English. If you thought travelling to an English speaking country was going to be easy, you’ve got another thing coming once you start needing to translate “We’ve gotta stop off at the servo to grab some bevvys before meeting old mate for some grub.”



“I didn’t know I could be this sunburnt”

Not only is Australia damn hot in summer, it also has a handy little thing called a hole in the ozone layer that means your sun gets more burnt than your roasting in the group chat.



“What even are these bugs?”

You can spend 30 years in Australia and still have bugs fly past your face that you’ve never seen before. For anyone who’s just arrived, you’re guaranteed to spot a few flying creatures that make you feel like you’re on an Attenborough episode (minus being cool, calm and collected about it).

 spider chart


“Australia is bloody massive!”

Until you’ve been to Australia, it’s hard to gauge just how big the country is.
When you consider many Australians drive well over two hours to get to work each day, you can drive hundreds of kilometres without seeing a petrol station and the UK fits in Australia over 31 times, it’s easy to get an idea of how big this country is. 

 petrol warning


‘I can’t believe people get to live here”

With epic beaches, beautiful rainforest and some of the cutest animals in the world, Australia really is paradise. It’s easy to see why so many backpackers are keen to stay for two years, and even willing to do farm work for it.

 live here


‘So, this is what Australians call winter?” 

Australian winter is sometimes warmer than UK summer – yep, even in places as far south as Melbourne. Australia really is paradise.

 sydney in winter


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