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Six of the funniest reasons you should travel in your twenties

Got your family in your ear telling you it’s time to grow up, buy a house and get a “real job”? This’ll probably isn’t the best article to show them, but have a read and have a laugh.


You’re okay with eating shit food


Whether you make no money because your work place doesn’t think they have to pay you much cause you’re in your twenties, or worse, you’re a struggling student, you’re twenties are made for living on two minute noodles and basic pasta. This’ll help with enjoying all the average toast-with-jam-or-cereal hostel breakfasts you’ll happily eat because it’s free and let’s be honest, it’s not like you’re eating truffle oil on the reg at home.


Hooking up in dorms doesn’t disgust you…enough


It’s not your preferred spot for a bit of erm..romance, but you’re not completely against the idea yet either. Whether the moral part of your brain hasn’t developed yet or you’re just broke enough to genuinely not be able to afford a private room, hooking up in dorms in your twenties is sort of okay.


You don’t need as much sleep


Okay so you actually do, but between weekends spent partying and all nighters chasing project deadlines, your body is pretty used to getting no sleep in your twenties. This will be sure to come in handy if you’re getting overnight trains, sleeping in dorms and having way too much fun to want to sleep.


You can sleep anywhere


While we’re on the topic of sleep, being able to curl up at an airport or across bus seats and have a nap is one of the greatest things about travelling in your twenties when you’re way less prone to stiff necks and muscle aches.


You’re great at researching


Thanks to just finishing school or university (or maybe even just from lurking your latest Tinder match’s ex girlfriend), your research skills are fine tuned. This means you’ll kill it at finding the cheapest flights, accommodation and epic itineraries.


It’ll help you figure stuff out


Goddamn, your twenties really can be a rollercoaster that you didn’t sign up for. After getting off an equally confusing ride of your teens, it’s easy to think it’s smooth sailing from there. Nope. Travel can help you work out a bunch of this – from throwing you in a room with 20 people to figure out what personalities you like, to throwing you down an alley in a country where you can’t speak the language to figure out what you’re made of.