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Tully is a small town located between Townsville and Cairns, in the Cassowary Coast region of Queensland.  It’s known for its sugarcane and banana crops as well as being one of the wettest towns in Australia.

We arrive into Tully around lunchtime, and if you choose to do the Rainforest Experience we then head to the picturesque spot ‘Alligator’s Nest’ (no alligators thankfully). Enjoy a dip in this amazing swimming hole surrounded by tropical rainforest. We then head deep into the World Heritage listed Tully Gorge National Park where we set up camp. We have a BBQ dinner, check out some of amazing wildlife and tell stories around the campfire.

We rise early for breakfast and then head out for a walk with a guide to learn about the beautiful nature around us.  You then have the option to join in on the incredible Tully Rafting trip with Raging Thunder or head back into Tully to jump on the train up to Cairns.

This special Rainforest Experience is only $120 for camping, dinner, breakfast, expert guide, swim in scenic swimming hole, wildlife spotting, and a guided walk of the forest.

If you'd rather not do the Rainforest Experience, you can head straight to Cairns on the train, or relax in Tully for the night.

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Known as: The spot to get deep in nature

Must Do: The rainforest experience 


  •  Camp in tents

  •  Interpretative Walk

  •  Swimming at ‘Alligator’s Nest’

  •  Wildlife spotting

  •  Off the grid experience