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What's Included


If you’re travelling the full coast on either our Mick or Trev pass then you’ll be cruising on Stray's own buses between Sydney and Noosa/Rainbow Beach then switching to trains for the long bits between Noosa and Cairns. We also include the Magnetic Island return ferry and transfers to special stops.

If you’re choosing a shorter a trip like our GregNat or Dan passes then you’ll be bus babes the whole way.

If you’re keeping it tropical through Queensland on either our KatStu or Cam pass then you’ll have a couple of short sectors on the Stray bus before jumping on the trains. 



We’ve chucked in heaps of leg stretchers and fun activities for you to experience, so depending on which pass you guys go for you’ll be enjoying:

  • Wine tasting in Hunter Valley
  • Secret swimming holes
  • Scenic country walks
  • Wildlife centres
  • Awesome kayaking trips
  • Epic spots for sunrises and sunsets
  • Unforgettable Island walks
  • Mountain views for days!



That’s right, not only are you guided by a local legend, you’re also being taken to our awesome unique stops for that ultimate kick of Australian culture and adventure.



Our web app is the ultimate tool if you’re chasing freedom and flexibility.  Take control of your experience by booking as you go, scheduling your hop on and off stops as well as securing your activities and adventures up the east coast.