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TREV PASS: Cairns > Sydney

Meet Trev, our biggest southbound pass. From Cairns to Sydney, you’ll see the most popular parts of the East Coast, and a few off-the-beaten-track spots for good measure. Plenty of beaches, tropical island adventures, surfing spots and hippy towns to explore. Click here to see the route.


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What's included:

Flexible transport

Travel on comfortable buses and trains and hop-on hop-off anywhere along the route.

Local Tour Guide

Far more than just a guide! These guys are invaluable sources of local knowledge and support.

Reserved Accommodation

Have a bed reserved for you at every Stray overnight stop. Book and pay via our Stray Mate app.

12 month travel pass

Your pass is valid for 12 months from the first day of travel.

trekkingIncluded activities:

  • Forts Walk, Magnetic Island
  • Bluff Point walk, Emu Park
  • Carlo Sand Blow Walk, Rainbow Beach,
  • Danger Point Border Crossing walk
  • Byron Bay orientation drive

Not included: The cost of your accommodation and extra activities is not included in a hop-on hop-off pass. You have the flexibility to choose what suits your budget and pay-as-you-go. These can be booked via the Stray Mate app, often at an exclusive Stray price!

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✓ Do you want to take the pressure off, kick back relax and let someone else do the driving?

 Do you want the freedom to hop-on and off along the route?

 Do you want exclusive Stray discounts on accommodation and activities?

 Do you want to start in Cairns and finish in Sydney?


The Trev Freestyle Pass is a beaut choice for you!

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Trev Strademark australia route 2019 20

Our mission is to get you off the beaten track amongst authentic local culture and our experienced crew has chosen some incredible destinations so you can see more and do more. 'Strademark' Places are the places you're less likely to find in the guide book but the ones you'll be talking about long after the adventure has ended. 

  • Emu Park - Snorkels at the ready... Emu Park is the gateway to the incredible Great Keppel Island, home to some of the most diverse marine wildlife on the East Coast.
  • You have the opportunity to hop off at Spot X - Shaka brah! There really is no better place to learn to surf and catch some waves along the East Coast.

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TREV PASS: Cairns > Sydney

was $845 $645




The itinerary below is for the current season. Given the nature of our trips and lack of control over weather, what we do each day might occasionally vary.

N.B. Hop off at Rainbow Beach or Noosa to visit Fraser Island and at Airlie Beach to visit the Whitsundays.

Cairns to Magnetic Island

G’day mate and welcome to your Stray adventure! We depart by train this morning, traveling south to Townsville. Arriving mid-afternoon, we take the ferry out to tropical Magnetic Island, our first overnight stop. Welcome to paradise! Nearly 50% of ‘Maggie Island’ is national park land, and it's chockfull of amazing beaches and abundant wildlife, so make sure you get out to a little exploring before catching the sunset.

Please Note: Some trips may have an extra night at Magnetic Island.

YHA Bungalow Bay or your choice of accommodation 

Animal park at Bungalow Bay (extra cost)

Explore the national park

Enjoy a full free day on Magnetic Island to explore at your leisure. You can choose to rent a vehicle and explore hard to reach areas like West End Beach, a great spot to watch the sun set. Alternatively, you can take a boat trip from the island to explore the reef and marine life below. For a free day in paradise, park up on a beach and spend your day swimming in the crystal waters.

Your choice of hostel

Explore the beaches, swim

Meet your guide this morning for the scenic Forts Complex Walk for incredible views of the island and the opportunity to see koalas in the wild; or spend your time exploring on your own, visiting the wildlife park or relaxing by the pool. In the afternoon, we’ll travel back to the mainland by ferry, and jump on the train to Proserpine, transferring to Airlie Beach in the evening.

Your choice of Airlie Beach hostel

Forts Complex walk, explore the island

You have a full free day in Airlie Beach to soak up the tropical vibes. Join a multi-day sailing adventure around the famous Whitsunday Islands, jump out of a plane over the beautiful tropics, or just relax and spend your day discovering the local area. There are some beautiful rainforest hikes in the vicinity, and a splash in the lagoon is a must do on a hot afternoon.

Please Note: Some trips may have an extra night at Airlie Beach.

Your choice of hostel

Whitsunday Islands tours, skydiving

Swim in the lagoon, hike in the rainforest

Spend most of the day at your leisure in Airlie Beach, before we jump on the train to Rockhampton in the early evening. Our destination tonight is our Strademark stop of Emu Park. Emu Park is a cool little coastal town and the gateway to the Keppel Islands on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. (Be sure to book Emu’s Beach Resort and the Treasure Island Adventure in the Stray Mate app prior to arrival.) We'll arrive at Emu Park late tonight. 

Emu's Beach Resort

Today we highly recommend taking part in a Stray highlight, the Treasure Island Adventure on the tropical paradise of Great Keppel Island. We catch the ferry in the morning for a day of swimming, walking, snorkelling with turtles or kayaking (additional cost) and games on the perfect white sand beach. You’ll ferry back to the mainland in the late afternoon, stopping off for a walk to Bluff Point before returning to the resort.

Emu's Beach Resort

Treasure Island Package: 2 night's accommodation at Emu's Beach Resort, and an action packed day trip to Great Keppel Island, situated at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Included activities: return ferry, treasure hunt, Bluff Point turtle walk, 2 night's accomodation. 

Captain Cook "Singing Ship" Sculpture, swim at the beach. 

We begin our day with an early morning bus to the train station. It’s a scenic train journey from here to Cooroy, where we hop on the Stray bus to Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach is a gateway to the world-famous Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. From here you can opt to take part in a multi-day tour of the island, or just spend your afternoon relaxing in this beachside paradise. Don’t miss the chance to walk to Carlo Sand Blow to catch a gorgeous sunset.

 Please Note: Some trips may have an extra night at Rainbow Beach.

Your choice in Rainbow Beach

Fraser Island Tours, available from Rainbow Beach or Noosa

Walk to Carlo Sand Blow for sunset

We hop back on the Stray bus this morning, heading to the relaxed resort town of Noosa. You can hop off here or join us as we continue down the coast, with quick stops in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our final destination today is Byron Bay, a relaxed, hippy surf town that travellers love! 

Please Note: Some trips may have an extra night in Byron Bay.

Your choice in Byron Bay

Hop off and explore Noosa, Brisbane or Gold Coast.

You have a full free day in Byron Bay to “cheer up, slow down, and chill out” as the town’s famous welcome sign instructs. And there is plenty to do in this laidback hippy town: practice your surfing skills down at the beach, walk to mainland Australia’s most easterly point at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, search for dolphins and other marine life on a sea kayaking trip, visit the alternative town of Nimbin, or wander around town sampling the delicious food and beverages on offer. Tonight, get out to experience Byron’s eclectic nightlife – there is always something going on!

Your choice of Byron Bay hostel

Dolphin kayaking experience, Nimbin day trip, scuba diving, surfing lessons/hire

Walk to Cape Byron Lighthouse, relax on the beach, dance the night away!

Today is an express travel day to the final destination of our trip, Sydney. Along the way we stop at Spot X, where you can hop off to continue perfecting your hang 10, or carry on with the bus back Sydney, arriving in the evening. We hope you had a blast on your Stray adventure!


Your choice of hostel

Hop off and learn to surf at Spot X

TREV PASS: Cairns > Sydney

was $845 $645




The days and times shown below are for the current season. To see future timetables, please visit our Timetables page. N.B. These are subject to change based on weather.

Trip departures:

  • Monday - Minimum 11 days (Extra free day in Byron Bay)
  • Friday - Minimum 11 days (Extra free day at Airlie Beach)

 For trips departing after Oct 1 2019:

  • Monday (Minimum 12 days, extra free day at Rainbow Beach)
  • Wednesday (Minimum 12 days, extra free day at Airlie Beach)

Cairns to Magnetic Island

Cairns - Gilligan's (Depart) 07:50 07:50
Cairns - YHA (Depart ) 08:00 08:00
Cairns - Train Station (Depart) 08:35 08:35
Tully - Train Station (Depart) 11:15 11:15
Townsville - Train Station (Depart) 14:39 14:39
Magnetic Island (Arrive) 16:00 16:00

Free Day at Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island (Free Day) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

Magnetic Island to Airlie Beach

Magnetic Island (Depart) 13:00 13:00
Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal (Depart) 13:30 13:30
Townsville Train Station (Depart) 14:54 14:54
Proserpine (Depart) 18:01 18:30
Airlie Beach (Arrive) 18:50 19:20

Free Day in Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach (Free Day) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

Airlie Beach to Emu Park (O/N Train)

Airlie Beach - Base Backpackers (Depart) 17:05 17:05
Proserpine - Train Station (Depart) 18:11 18:11
Rockhampton Train Station (Depart) 12:29 12:29
Emu Park (Arrive) 01:00 01:00

Arrival at Emu Park

Emu Park (Free Day) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

Emu Park to Rainbow Beach

Emu Park - Emus Beach Resort (Depart) 06:00 06:00
Rockhamption - Train Station (Depart) 07.10 07.10
Miriam Vale (1770) - Train Station (Depart) 09:06 09:06
Maryborough West (Hervey Bay) (Depart) 10:58 10:58
Cooroy (Depart) 14:00 14:00
Rainbow Beach (Arrive) 15:30 15:30

Rainbow Beach to Byron Bay

Rainbow Beach - Opposite Dingos Resort (Depart) 09:30 09:30 10:00 09:30
Noosa - Nomads (Depart) 11:30 11:30 11:30
Brisbane - Nomads (Depart) 14:00 14:00 14:00
Gold Coast - Transit Centre (Depart) 15:30 15:30 15:30
Byron Bay (Arrive) 17:30 17:30 17:30

Free Day in Byron Bay

Byron Bay (Free Day) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

Byron Bay to Sydney

Byron Bay - Jonson Street Bus Stop (Depart) 07.00 07.00 07.00
Spot X Surf Camp (Departs) 09.30 09.30 09.30
Sydney (Arrives) 19.00 19.00 19.00

TREV PASS: Cairns > Sydney

was $845 $645



Trev map cairns to sydney

Need to Know

Some key details...

  • Transport - Travel by bus, train and even ferry for those heading to Magnetic Island! All included in the price of your pass and organised by Stray.

  • Guides - Your Stray guide is your go-to for entertaining commentary, interesting facts, crazy stories and travel advice. Between Sydney and Rainbow Beach, your Guide is also your Bus Driver. Between Rainbow Beach and Cairns, where we travel on the fast, comfortable trains, you'll have In-Location Guides who will meet you at the station and show you around. 

  • Validity - This Freestyle Pass is valid for 12 months from your first day of travel.

  • Hopping on/off - Hop on and off as much as you like along the travel route. To hop back on, simply book your next travel date and pickup location through our Stray Mate app

  • Minimum Days - You don't need to hop off if you're short on time - you can travel your pass in the "Minimum Days". There are non-travel days throughout the route so you will not be travelling everyday.

  • Departures - Buses/trains run to a seasonal timetable with multiple departures per week.

  • Booking Buses - Use the Stray Mate app to manage your trip - you'll receive log in details in your Booking Confirmation email. If you're on a short timeframe, we recommend booking all your buses in advance. 

  • Accommodation - Book Stray preferred accommodation as you go via the Stray Mate app - there will be a dorm bed allocated to you at each overnight stop providing you book via the app 24 hours before. 

  • Activities - Book activities as you go via the Stray Mate app.

  • Stray Travellers - Our travellers are from all over the world, are energetic, adventurous and mainly aged between 20-35. 75% of our travellers are travelling solo.


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