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Australia has some absolutely unreal backpacker accommodation and we'll be showing you the best of it. There's a wide range of accommodation available for your east coast trip, including private lodges, teepees and hostels, where you'll meet and socialise with other backpackers. 


Accommodation is not included in your Hop-on, Hop-off Pass so you have the flexibility to stay as long as you like in any of our destinations and at a place that suits your budget. You are guaranteed a bed on your first night when you travel with Stray. You can easily book accommodation as you go via the Stray Mate app or through your driver. 

How much does accommodation cost?

Normal backpacker hostel rates are as follows:

  • Approx. $25-45AUD per night for a dorm bed 
  • Approx $40-90AUD per person for a double/twin room. 

Our Accommodation Guarantee

We guarantee a dorm bed at each stop along the route for the number of minimum nights on the itinerary. For most stops, this is one night, however at some places we stop for two nights (Byron Bay) so two nights' accommodation are guaranteed.

To secure your bed from the Stray allocation you must ensure you book via the Stray Mate App before the 'cut off time' which is usually 48 hours before check in. In peak season (October - April) we recommend booking your accommodation well in advance. 

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What is our preferred accommodation like?

Our preferred accommodation venues usually offer a choice of dorm, double and twin share. Stray allocation is for a dorm bed.

The majority have full kitchen facilities, a TV lounge and internet.

Strademark Destinations

At our Strademark destinations like River Retreat and Barrington Tops, we are so far off the beaten track that there is no other accommodation available. In this case there is a set price for your bed and meals due to a lack of other places to stay or kitchen facilities.

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Dorm share accommodation is included with our Inclusive Tours and our Freestyle Tours